American Association of Estate Analysts and Planners (AAEAP) is a professional association of organizations dedicated to assisting seniors, families and executors with the physical and emotional demands of settling an estate, downsizing, relocating or home modification for age in place.

Our association is devoted to building a national team of estate Analysts that meet the needs and services of families dealing with senior estate issues. Our member Estate Analysts are trained to offer an Estate Service Program with care, compassion and quality.

Our approved Estate Analyst program is six sigma designed and integrated with Estate Analyst technology to provide a consistent standardized program with transparent pricing while allowing custom flexibility for all clients.


  • Promoted awareness of the Estate  and Senior Move Industry
  • Advance professional training and continuing education
  • Encourage adaptation of standard terminology, technology and process
  • Encourage transparent pricing
  • Serving a referral network in 22 states
AAEAP is a nationally recognized for its innovative technology, leadership and expertise on estate settlement services, senior moves, downsizing and life transitions.

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American Association of Estate Analysts and Planners

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